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Are you wondering how to get rid of dull, rough skin after enjoying Florida’s
summer weather? Are you worried that once the fall weather kicks in that
the dryness will get even worse? Are you already bombarding your skin
with creams and lotions which can clog your pores and paste down the dryness?
Two words:

Illuminate & Exfoliate! These two skincare treatments scheduled one week apart will lift dull
dry skin and reveal your pre-summer glow.

The Illuminize peel ($80) is an inexpensive gentle and quick way to encourage a mild, almost invisible
sloughing of unwanted summer damage. When paired with a gentle exfoliating

mini microdermabrasion ($75), one week later, the dead skin is gently lifted away revealing your soft
& bright skin once masked by the damage.

The total cost for these 2 treatments won’t break the bank or leave
you hiding inside. It won’t disrupt your workout routine, and it
won’t irritate like other treatments can.

Please call our office at
813-875-3223 to book your treatments and say goodbye to summer damage and hello again
to your skin’s youthful glow.