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For dull skin that lacks radiance, the Illuminize Peel in Tampa at Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery dramatically rejuvenates your skin with little to no downtime.

Our Illuminize peel is a gentle, non-invasive procedure that improves skin radiance for firmer, glowing skin. It is perfect before your next big event to give you that little boost of confidence you’re looking for. Our licensed esthetician, Noel Belcher, can help transform your skin with this safe, light chemical peel. It works to provide light exfoliation with gentle ingredients to help your skin appear more glowing, even-toned, and youthful while improving skin clarity and lightly refining skin texture.

With this non-invasive chemical peel, your skin will look better from all angles. It is extremely gentle, so it is ideal for clients with sensitive skin that cannot tolerate deep chemical peels. For best results, she may recommend a series of 3-6 peels at monthly intervals or alternating treatments of peels and microdermabrasion. However, you will notice a visible improvement after just one treatment.

Get Your Skin Red-Carpet Ready with the Illuminize Peel

At Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery, our skincare experts specialize in clinical face peels that improve a variety of skin concerns.

As a doctor-lead clinic, Dr. Farrior’s Tampa medspa staff are the best in the business. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is passionate about rejuvenating skin using the latest techniques, such as our Tampa Illuminize Peel and other revitalizing peels. It is a favorite among our male and female patients alike.

Illuminize Peel Downtime

The Illuminize Peel is gentle and painless. A light chemical exfoliation solution is applied to your skin, safely removing the dead skin cells to instantly reveal a brighter skin texture with more even skin tone, texture, and clarity.

There is little to no recovery time with the Illuminize Peel. Your skin will look brighter, fresher, and more youthful after just one treatment. Get the peel regularly to maintain your results for the flawless skin you have always desired with no downtime. Patients can return to work, school, or special events on the day of the Illuminize Peel. It is perfect for bringing out your skin’s natural radiance when you want to put your best face forward. With our Illuminize Peel Tampa patients love it because it gives quick results. It is so gentle that your skin will not peel much, if at all, unlike deeper chemical peels.

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Tailor Your Results with the Best Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

We are proud to offer the best skin rejuvenation treatments with a variety of clinical cosmetic options that can be tailored to your needs.

Our licensed esthetician, Noel, takes the time to listen to your skin concerns in order to suggest the best treatments to attain the youthful, glowing skin you desire.

In addition to the Illuminize Peel, we offer many other aesthetic facial services. She may suggest alternative treatments or add-ons that will improve your result if you wish.

Our free consultation provides everything you need to know to correct all your skin concerns, along with the full cost of service. We will design a treatment plan that meets your goals and budget. Our clients always come first at Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery.

Model-Worthy Skin is Possible with Our Illuminize Peel

Get ready to beautify your skin with the most advanced clinical facials and chemical peels at Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery.

We have a variety of skincare treatments, including skin resurfacing, custom facials, and more. Our highly trained medical staff is here to serve all your skincare needs. Book an appointment to learn more about the Illuminize Peel today, and get one step closer to skin perfection.


Aside from beautiful, glowing skin, there are generally no undesirable side effects with the Illuminize Peel. While other peels can cause visible skin peeling, the Illuminize Peel is very gentle. Slight peeling, if any, tends to be very mild and may begin one to two days after treatment.

A broad-spectrum sunscreen will keep your skin looking flawless and protected. After treatment, It is important to avoid exfoliating face scrubs and aggressive skin products that may cause dry skin as they can be too strong for the fresh, healthy skin that the Illuminize Peel reveals. Avoid these products a few days leading up to your appointment as well.

The Illuminize Peel is a light peel, with a lower peel strength than the Vitalize Peel. For this reason, it may be best suited for patients with very sensitive skin. Illuminize Peel is the gentlest facial peel that we offer. It is a good choice for mild imperfections or if it’s your first chemical peel. Vitalize Peel is slightly stronger, but it is still considered a light chemical peel

If your skin is highly sensitive, we recommend Illuminize for bright, even, glowing skin with minimal adverse side effects.

Dr. Farrior is so much more than a doctor – he’s an artist. Dr. Farrior has the right medical knowledge and the artistic vision needed to create harmony among his patients’ facial features. He truly listens to his patients and is always open to their concerns.

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