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If when you look in the mirror and see tired eyes, sagging eyebrows and deep forehead lines, then Dr. Farrior's brow lift surgery can give you the natural, youthful brows and smooth forehead you desire.

As a leading facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Farrior strives to provide the best brow lift Tampa has to offer and is highly skilled when it comes to helping men and women look younger and well-rested, without the telltale signs of having “work” done.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift (forehead lift) elevates the brow to a natural height, reduces the horizontal forehead wrinkles, as well as frown lines, also known as 11s or 11 lines, which are the two vertical creases between the eyes that form when you squint.

The procedure also helps reduce hooded eyelids, giving Dr. Farrior’s Tampa brow lift patients a fresh, youthful appearance. Raising the eyebrows to a desirable position is an incredible way to make your whole face look more awake and vibrant. Even just a few mm can make a world of difference!

Dr. Farrior Specializes in Brow Lifts & Facial Surgery

Dr. Farrior has dedicated his career to the art of facial aesthetics, specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery.

It is his passion for helping patients like you achieve the best results that drive him to continue studying the latest advancements in facial surgery. As an expert in facial anatomy, he is the Tampa plastic surgeon you can trust for brow lifts and more.

At your brow lift consultation, Dr. Farrior will listen to learn exactly what it is about your eyebrows that are bothering you and present surgical options that match your goals. He may also examine and measure different parts of your face, as well as take photographs, in order to gain a detailed understanding of your unique facial anatomy. His care and attention to detail are second only to his skill as a leading facial plastic surgeon.

Brow Lift

Enhance Your Results with Brow Lift & Facial Surgery

A brow lift provides long-lasting results for a more youthful upper portion of the face.

Sometimes a brow lift is recommended alongside a facelift or eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) for patients with more advanced signs of skin aging. In addition to brow lifts, we also offer skin resurfacing to noticeably improve skin texture and quality. A brow lift is an excellent choice for patients with static wrinkles. Those are the wrinkles that remain even when your face is at rest, such as when you wake up in the morning.

For younger patients that are not ready for a brow lift to correct forehead wrinkles, Botox is a great choice. Dr. Farrior offers free consultations so you can get his expert medical opinion on the best way to achieve your cosmetic goals. We specialize in the latest surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques; No matter which treatment you choose, you can expect great results.

Brow Lift Recovery Time

After surgery, your forehead may be wrapped to reduce swelling and bruising, while also protecting the incisions as they heal.

There are different ways to perform an eyebrow lift, but the incisions usually take 14-21 days to heal. After that period, the wounds will appear smaller and lighter over the course of about one year.

Every surgery leaves scars. The best plastic surgeons know how to hide them well. Dr. Farrior places incisions very carefully in order to minimize scarring as much as possible. Most patients take time off work for brow lifts. Usually, 10-14 days off work is recommended. It is best to keep your head elevated when lying down and take good care of yourself in the weeks following surgery. In just a few short weeks, you will look fantastic with a smoother forehead, youthful-looking brows, and eyes that appear well-rested.


Many patients that want to correct droopy eyebrows also want to know, “How long does a brow lift last?”. The answer is it depends on how well you age and also the type of brow lift performed. Results that may last up to 20 years in some patients.

Talk about slowing down the aging process! Dr. Farrior’s brow lift surgery is designed to improve your face so you look young and fresh for a decade or longer.

As with all surgeries, there are risks. Brow lift surgery risks include bleeding, loss of hair near the incision, a raised hairline, facial asymmetry, nerve injury, infection, numbness, and scarring.

By choosing a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Farrior, you can trust you are in the hands of a highly-skilled professional. He takes great care to mitigate surgical risks, thanks to his years of experience and training in facial plastics.

The average brow lift cost in Florida varies based on the surgeon’s experience. Dr. Farrior is a double-board certified Tampa plastic surgeon that specializes in facial aesthetics. If you look up the average brow lift cost, the search results are often misleading. Typically, the average cost of brow lift surgery you see online is not all-inclusive. There are anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, and related costs that factor in.

Since you may require more than a brow lift to get the youthful enhancement you deserve, it is in your best interest to see Dr. Farrior for a free consultation with no obligation. You will leave with a clear picture of surgical or nonsurgical options that best match your desired outcome, along with the full cost of those services. No more guessing!

When selecting a Tampa facial plastic surgeon for a brow lift, remember the surgeon's training and your comfort with the surgeon are as important as the final cost of surgery.

Dr. Farrior is so much more than a doctor – he’s an artist. Dr. Farrior has the right medical knowledge and the artistic vision needed to create harmony among his patients’ facial features. He truly listens to his patients and is always open to their concerns.

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