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Mama Elsa: Plastic Surgery Explained

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Anyone who is a fan of the Housewives reality show franchise on Bravo has seen the colorful Mama Elsa from Miami. While a very likable character, her face cannot help but spark interest in viewers. Dr. Farrior gives his opinion on how a once beautiful woman can end up looking this way. Who's to blame in cases of bad celebrity plastic surgery? 

The situation with Mama Elsa is a tragedy. A tragedy in judgment, a tragedy in ethics and a tragedy in technique. The main thing that is demonstrated is that money can purchase bad decision making. Her situation can be laid at the feet of her providers. The main issue with her result is that of over augmentation, too much material has been added. Chances are that she did not do it to herself but was able to convince someone to do it to her. That is where it should have stopped. The real mistake was the choice she made for a provider because they did not say NO.

As a consumer you can shop until you find someone that will do what you want but you should stop when an ethical person with a good reputation tells you to. Unfortunately, there are those in the cosmetic surgery industry that are not about the Hippocratic oath to "do no harm", they may be about the money. In choosing a provider be prudent and listen, don't go to the person that says what you want to hear. Go to a physician that will educate you and say no if the situation calls for it. This may be your last chance to appear normal.

Dr. Farrior is so much more than a doctor – he’s an artist. Dr. Farrior has the right medical knowledge and the artistic vision needed to create harmony among his patients’ facial features. He truly listens to his patients and is always open to their concerns.

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