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If you feel self-conscious about oversized ears that stick out, Dr. Farrior’s Tampa Otoplasty procedure can reshape and pin back the ears so they look smaller and protrude less.

Patients young and old have gained confidence thanks to Dr. Farrior, who uses a skilled hand and knowledge of ear anatomy to permanently fix ears protruding in one quick surgery.

Whether you are seeking otoplasty for yourself or your child, Dr. Farrior will be pleased to help. As a highly regarded Tampa plastic surgeon, he has helped patients of all ages reshape their ears without any obvious signs of having cosmetic surgery.

Otoplasty for Children and Adults

Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) can usually be performed at any age, even after the ears have reached adult size. It is most common among young children with large ears that protrude.

Typically, children start to notice differences and tease each other around five to six years of age. With that said, timing is an important factor to reshape and pin ears back. It is better to get the procedure at a young age, rather than waiting until adulthood for two reasons: First, the cartilage is more pliable, allowing your surgeon greater ease of reshaping the ears.

Secondly, your child may experience psychological benefits from the cosmetic improvement gained by eliminating the distraction of protruding ears. Sparing them years of teasing from classmates can certainly make grade school easier. Dr. Farrior also treats adults that would like their ears pinned back.

For adults considering Otoplasty in Tampa, it’s important to understand that fully developed ears have firmer cartilage. Thus, they do not have the same molding capacity as children. Yet each patient’s ears are unique. Regardless of age, a consultation with Dr. Farrior can help you decide the best course of action for you, not only aesthetically, but also psychologically and physically.

Dr. Farrior Is an Expert in Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Dr. Farrior is double-board certified for both facial plastic surgery and otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat).

His advanced training, coupled with three decades of surgical experience, give him an unmatched understanding of the ears. Choosing a highly trained surgeon with experience in ear surgery will not only make your ears look better, it ensures a safe Otoplasty that will not affect hearing ability. Dr. Farrior’s career has been dedicated to facial aesthetics. As a specialist facial surgeon, he continually studies the latest advancements in cosmetic facial surgery to provide our otoplasty patients with exceptional results.

Our Personalized Otoplasty Consultation

At the consultation, Dr. Farrior will examine the ears for aesthetic symmetry assessing the cause of the protrusion. He will also examine the structure and size of the ears in order to suggest the best technique to correct any shape or proportion issues.

Sometimes, patients notice one ear sticking out more than the other. If you come in for ear pinning surgery on just one ear, he may recommend otoplasty for both ears in order to achieve the most natural, symmetrical appearance.

For most patients considering surgery, it is worth it to get the most symmetric ears possible. Dr. Farrior goes a step further to help patients get great results by examining the ears in proportion to the face. His surgery is not just about making your ears look more attractive from a cosmetic standpoint, but also making sure they suit your facial features.

After an examination, he will provide his medical opinion on the best surgical plan and explain what to expect during surgery, along with the full Otoplasty cost. For example, young patients often undergo general anesthesia, while adults and older children may have local anesthetic combined with a mild sedative, which can affect pricing. Above all, our patients’ comfort and wishes are always taken into consideration.

How Otoplasty Corrects Large or Protruding Ears

With great skill in performing ear surgery, Dr. Farrior will reshape and/or pin back the ears in approximately two hours. He starts the surgery with a small incision on the back of the ear while the patient is comfortably under local or general anesthesia.

Next, Dr. Farrior will remove excess cartilage and skin as needed to achieve the patient’s desired result. In some cases, he trims the cartilage, shaping it into a more desirable form, then secures the cartilage in place with permanent sutures. In other instances, he will not remove any cartilage at all, instead, he’ll use stitches to adjust the cartilage position and hold it permanently in place.

Otoplasty Recovery is Fast and Easy

It is best to take it easy in the days following surgery. It is normal to feel groggy for up to 24 hours after general anesthesia. Some patients may receive a combination of local anesthesia and sedatives, which can also contribute to feeling sleepy on the day of surgery.

The choice of general or local anesthesia will be discussed at the consultation. It mostly depends on the extent of ear reshaping. The patient’s age and comfort level are also an important factor. Otoplasty has little downtime, though this varies based on the extent of surgery. Dr. Farrior will place soft dressings on the ears that should remain in place for four to five days. For Otoplasty in children, parents often schedule the procedure over summer or winter school break, so there is no need to miss school.

Most patients experience temporary, mild discomfort after ear reshaping (otoplasty). Side sleepers should lie on their back for one week; It is critical not to apply pressure on the ears as they heal. In some cases, Dr. Farrior may provide a medical headband to hold the ears in the desired position for two weeks after surgery. Beyond that, the risks of otoplasty are very minimal. There will be a thin white scar behind the ear after healing that is well hidden.



Ear reshaping is considered a permanent surgery. With that said, young patients should expect their ears to change slightly as they grow older. This is a normal part of aging. However, the ears are unlikely to change dramatically in shape or size after surgery.

Most changes occur slowly over a period of decades and are quite minimal. It is always best to get Otoplasty at a young age (for example, in kindergarten or elementary school) while the ears are most pliable.

Regardless of how ear shape changes with time, the original cartilage and excess ear skin that was removed will not grow back. Once pinned, the ears will not “come undone” and protrude again later in life as the sutures are permanent. A qualified facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Farrior ensures attractive and long-lasting results.

Adults or children may get otoplasty, but it is easier to reshape the ears of younger patients since the cartilage is less firm. Dr. Farrior is pleased to serve patients of all ages so they can improve the size, shape, and position of the ears. If you are an adult, pinning the ears back is usually possible at any age.

While it is more difficult to reshape the cartilage in adult ears due to firmer cartilage, Dr. Farrior can still trim away excess ear skin to improve shape and symmetry while also pinning ears back if needed. If you are unsure whether Otoplasty is right for you or your child, we invite you to see Dr. Farrior for a free consultation and ear exam to learn what otoplasty may be able to do for you.

As with all surgery, some discomfort is common after the procedure. However, with Otoplasty Tampa patients will feel no great deal of pain because ears have fewer nerve endings than other parts of the body. Most patients, young and old, find the initial discomfort manageable and feel it is well worth the long term results of having more shapely, proportionate ears. The incisions heal quickly, usually in 10-14 days. Pain tends to be mild and temporary.

Much of the discomfort subsides in the first 2-3 days after the procedure. For children, it is best to be honest and let them know it may hurt a little afterward. Preparing some healthy snacks, spending quality time with them, reading books, or watching their favorite movies are great ways to make their recovery easier.

It helps that the results of surgery are immediately visible. Those soft dressings will be removed in just 4-5 days, revealing the incredible results. Children are often more excited to see how their ears have drastically improved, rather than worrying about temporary discomfort.

Dr. Farrior is so much more than a doctor – he’s an artist. Dr. Farrior has the right medical knowledge and the artistic vision needed to create harmony among his patients’ facial features. He truly listens to his patients and is always open to their concerns.

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