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The Vampire Lift

Happy Halloween! It is the time of ghosts, goblins, monsters, costumes and masks. Vampires also seem to be popular this time of year, especially with the popularity of Twilight Series.

As you may have heard Vampires are now lifting faces. The Vampire Lift is a trademarked procedure that is being marketed to refresh and rejuvenate without surgery. The procedure is referred to as a vampire lift because elements from the patient’s blood are separated and reinjected into the skin and subcutaneous tissue filling wrinkles and defects. The selected portion of the blood is the platelet rich plasma, which contains most of the blood products involved in a healing process. Excellent results have been achieved, using platelet rich plasma in isolation or in conjunction with other products, including the patient’s own fat and synthetic injectable material.

The trend towards rejuvenation and enhancement with a patient’s own tissue (autologous grafts), has become more popular and appropriate for the properly selected patients. The use of the patient’s own fat and platelet rich plasma is performed here at the Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery Center. Call the office at 813-875-3223 to book a consultation…we won’t bite!