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Beyond the issues of cervical posture and the overt dangers of texting,
especially while driving or walking, can texting be a cosmetic concern?
It would certainly appear so. What is all that skin doing bunched up under
my jaw line when I look down at my device, cell phone or tablet please?
Well that skin was there and has to be there for the free movement of
the neck. It is what we refer to as an orthostatic excess, without it
you could not lift your chin and look skyward. Looking down at a device
won’t cause us to get more skin but it will create more creases
in the skin by the constant folding. Because these creases are the result
of folding preexisting excess skin they will not be reduced with Botox
and the usefulness of laser in the neck is limited because of the risk
of scarring. So hold your cellphone and tablet at eye level and keep the
chin up. You will avoid walking into things and will quit pressing the
creases so they will be less likely permanent. You may also see a beautiful
sunset, wild animal, flower and most importantly your fellow human beings.
Chin up, eyes forward and engage your fellow man. They might be more interesting
than what is on the screen of a device.