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Ask Noel

PATIENT QUESTION: I have several special events coming up next month and
I want to look absolutely radiant! Which peel would you recommend so that
I can put my freshest face forward?

NOEL: The best peel to look radiant for an upcoming event would be the
VI Peel. It will renew your skin with little down time. This is best done if you
have at least 4 weeks prior to an event. A complimentary mini microdermabrasion
is given 1 week after the peel is applied. There will be some visible
peeling of skin starting two days after the peel lasting for 2 days. Some
dryness can be felt for up to a week after the peel. Once the mini microdermabrasion
is performed the skin will be more radiant soft and pores and fine lines
will be reduced. This is the best most dramatic result possible to achieve
in a short period of time. This treatment is $300-$400.

If there is only 1 week prior to an event, a microdermabrasion is the best
option since there is no down time and it will help to remove a surface
shell of dry skin you may not know is there. This too will help to soften
the look of your skin make it feel smoother and more radiant. A facial
is included so blackheads and white heads are treated, as well. This treatment is $125.