Facial enhancement through fat transfer, the use of the patient’s own fat, also known as autologous fat transfer, is the best available means to achieve improvement through adding volume to the face thereby replacing that which has been lost. The natural aging process includes the loss of subcutaneous fat in addition to the deep fat of the cheek and temple. Fat transfer is a means to replace the lost volume in the face.


Fat transfer to replace lost volume has been available for almost two decades. Initially it was felt to be a temporary solution but with the improvement in technique has become a more reliable permanent means of augmentation. Fat transfer is continuing to improve as a technique and is now supplemented with platelet rich fibrin matrix in an effort to stabilize the fat and improve long-term results.


The technique for fat transfer can be performed with local or general anesthesia. Fat is harvested from the lower abdomen or thighs using a small cannula device for obtaining the fat. The fat cells are then isolated and injected into the areas of need. Fat transfer is effective in the cheeks, temple, smile lines, chin, frown lines and to a lesser degree the lips.


Fat transfer works best to replace what has been lost. It does not address other aspects of aging such as skin laxity and wrinkles which will need to be managed with a facelift or skin resurfacing. Fat transfer is an excellent supplement to skin tightening procedures and resurfacing adding volume to supplement those procedures restoring a more youthful facial contour.

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