Chin Implant or chin augmentation also known as genioplasty is performed to strengthen the chin and jowl line bringing them into harmony with the remainder of the face improving the facial proportions.


When performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty it is referred to as a profileplasty. Each procedure complements the outcome from the other procedure. This procedure can add height to the chin as well as projection. When height is added this creates better harmony from the frontal perspective. Chin augmentation will also increase the length of the jawline enhancing the chin neck angle complementing a facelift or cervical liposuction.


To perform chin augmentation a small incision is made in the crease beneath the chin. It can also be performed from an incision inside the mouth. Each of these approaches have their pros and cons which will be discussed during your consultation. The implant that I prefer to use is fashioned from compressed Teflon which is also known as Gore-Tex. This material is extremely well tolerated, natural in its texture and incorporated by the adjacent tissue making it a very stable implant. Each chin implant is custom designed for the individual patient and their needs.


When a chin implant is performed in isolation, it is usually done with sedation and local anesthesia. If it is done in conjunction with a rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction or other surgical procedure, general anesthesia is recommended. There is a dressing in place on the chin for four-five days after surgery. This helps to reduce swelling and stabilize the implant. The chin will appear swollen for 10-21 days and may remain tender for up to three months. There are no sutures that need to be removed and return to work can occur as early as 24 hours depending on the job type.

Chin augmentation is a wonderful way to enhance the facial proportions,
the profile and other surgical results.

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