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We recently received this testimonial from our young Otoplasty patient, Hailie Williams. It touched our hearts and we are sure it will touch yours!

“The idea to have plastic surgery was always an option my parents had laid out on the table for me but I had never fully grasped the idea of altering my appearance. I had played sports my whole life and I can just look back and remember me turning my head so you could only see one ear or tilting my head slightly so my hair would fall over my ears. It was disappointing to look back at memorable events and see these two ears just sticking out and instantly I didn’t want to look back at that event. Kids in school, however, never really pointed it out, it came up every now and then but I never really paid much attention, I would just remove myself from the situation and be able to deal with it myself. It wasn’t until freshman year when I had made the decision and in all honesty it was an impulse decision. But I have never made a better decision in my whole life! I could wear my hair up to school, something I had never even put much consideration into. The best part was that it remained completely secret! Nobody had to know about it except for me because I didn’t do it to please anyone, I did it for me. Now I work at PDQ and we wear hats and I feel completely normal, I don’t stick out I just blend in. I can honestly say if it weren’t for Dr. Farrior I wouldn’t be working at PDQ, I wouldn’t have even attempted to run for Homecoming Court and become Homecoming Queen. Little things in High School don’t seem like a big deal but I don’t think I could very well apply myself if I didn’t have the confidence Dr. Farrior allowed me to develop within myself.”