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Bad Celebrity Plastic Surgery – Who's to Blame?

Can someone ruin their face without an accomplice? No. I lay a most of
the blame at the foot of the provider, and I say provider rather than
surgeon because of the glut of non- core specialist providing cosmetic
care and the physician extenders that also provide this care.

For further explanation, a core –specialist is either a Facial Plastic
Surgeon, a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist. These are the specialist
that have achieved a level of expertise to appreciate the nuances of facial
rejuvenation. Some core specialist use extenders that may be a ARNP or
PA and these injectors might be well trained and supervised however the
opposite can also be true.

There is a time that saying no to a celebrity or any patient for that matter
is the right thing to say. As the caregiver, the professional needs to
possess the confidence in their decision making to be able to refuse a
procedure and stick to that decision.

Yes, there can be a seduction to having a famous person as a patient. You
want to please them but you just can’t allow them to convince you
to do the wrong thing leading to a bad outcome that distorts their appearance.
It will ultimately make both the patient and provider look bad.