We are proud to offer the new ICON system, Palomar 1540, non-ablative fractional resurfacing. Palomar 1540 is a new technology that sends an array of microbeams into the dermis to improve a variety of skin imperfections. The laser promotes the generation of collagen and elastin via multiple columns of energy, below the top layer of skin. These natural proteins stimulate the healing process to produce smoother, firmer, more elastic and even skin. It is an excellent treatment for rough sun damaged skin, surgical and wound scars, acne scarring and pore size. The ICON system has FDA approval for diminishing stretch marks up to 75%.

Because the top layer of skin remains intact, healing is rapid and there is no need for analgesics with a minimum of down time. Treatments are usually done in a series of 2-5 depending on the specific skin concern.

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