When your glowing summer tan starts to fade away as we move into our Florida winter, you may notice that some dark spots stubbornly refuse to take their leave. Months of golfing, boating, beach going and lounging by the pool really take a toll on your skin. With the cooler months ahead, NOW is the perfect time to schedule an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) procedure and permanently remove the sunspots from your face, chest, arms or hands.

IPL is a simple and quick office procedure that requires no downtime. For the absolute best results, we only ask you to refrain from sun exposure two weeks prior and two weeks after the treatment. The spots will darken a few days post treatment and will then slough off revealing lighter, less mottled skin. IPL can erase years of sun damage and will reveal healthier, even-toned skin.

(Before & After Full Face IPL Treatment)

Book an IPL treatment in the months of November or December and receive $100 off your procedure. To kick-off our special we are giving away a FULL Face treatment to one lucky winner ($500 value)!

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